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Judy Allen (Gibbs)

Judy Allen (Gibbs)

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02/07/17 02:21 PM #1    

Bill Marshall

Met Judy in High School.  She was not in any of my classes, but I remember her and Philip (Flip) dating and saw these two as inseparable.  Went to some social events that she and Philip attended and Judy was always so personable to talk to.  I remember seeing her at some of the reunions and got to speak with her some.  In her return to the Houston area she worked as a volunteer with her church.  REST IN PEACH Judy....

06/03/17 08:16 PM #2    

Vivian Boggs (Ferreira)

The summer between my freshman and sophomore years in college I decided to stay and go to summer school.  There were a couple of reasons: I’ve always had the patience of a flea and I was in as much of a hurry to graduate from college as anything else.  I figured that summer school would rush me along to my future.  What that was I had no idea, but I was as ready for the unknown as any nineteen year old.  Mainly my parents’ disease of alcoholism was causing much chaos in their lives and I didn’t want to be a part of that any more than necessary.  I figured that remaining in college for the summer would allow me to avoid as much of their unhappiness as possible.  So I stayed.

There was one problem, however: I needed a roommate for the summer.  I had a roommate for the long term, but she was going home for the summer and would not return until September.  I investigated the situation and found out that a former classmate from high school was also remaining for the summer and she, too, needed a roommate.  I approached Judy on the subject and the deal was struck.  We moved in to a common dorm room together and settled into a comfortable summer schedule.

Judy and I hadn’t met till our sophomore year in high school, having attended separate schools up to that time.  We lived in two of the separate, but neighboring little towns that poured into that one large high school.  We’d had few or no classes together in high school.  We had mutual friends, of course, but our strongest connection was the fact that we both had steady boyfriends in our class who played on the same football squads.  Thus our social paths crossed often throughout the high school years and we had coincidentally decided to attend the same college.

There was a man situation also.  I had a steady beau who went to the same college as I, but who needed to go home and work for the summer as to be able to afford school during the long term.  Judy had been going out with her same steady guy from our high school class, but he went to a different university.  They had recently broken up for some reason and she was single that summer.

We started classes and I went home every weekend to see my guy and Judy stayed at school over the weekends.  She was playing the field and seeing several young men.  The summer was going along as planned until Judy came home from a date one night on which she had met her date’s roommate.  The roommate was from Central America and since I was a Spanish major, she tho’t it was an excellent idea that I should go out with this Latin Romeo.  God knows why I agreed.  My boyfriend and I were rather serious and our relationship was a couple of years old.  But something in me must have had doubts because I agreed to go on this blind date.

I met my future husband, Leo, on that blind date and I fell for him like a ton of bricks.  He was the most exciting, handsome and exotic thing this small town girl had ever seen.  I continued for a while to go home on the weekends and see my steady and see Leo during the week.  I couldn’t, however, continue with that indefinitely.  I finally went home and broke it off with my long time boyfriend in favor of Leo.  I regret to this day having hurt that kind young man so badly.  I hope eventually he forgave me.  I’m sure he did.  He was too good to hold a grudge.  In fact, he was too good for me.

Leo and I had a whirlwind romance and married less than a year later.  We always half jokingly told Judy that she was responsible for it all and when our first child came along we asked her to be godmother.  She readily agreed.  Judy and her hometown steady reconciled and married a bit after Leo and I.  I was one of her bridesmaids and she designed her bridesmaids’ dresses to accommodate my baby bump.  It was the late 60’s and conveniently lose fitting dresses were in style.  After Michelle was born we invited Judy and her new husband, Philip, to come to Baton Rouge where we were living and attend the christening.   They came and we later traveled to Austin where they were still attending school to see them.  I don’t remember much about that weekend except that Philip was on a nacho tear and we gorged on non-stop nachos all weekend.  It was crazy fun.

I didn’t see Judy much after that.  However, I did see her not long before she died at a class reunion.  It was wonderful to see her there.  She and Philip had separated and she was feeling a bit of a failure as a result of that.  I reminded her that they had had a union that spanned a couple of decades more or less, if one counted their high school and college years.  Those years counted also as part of their relationship in my book.  I assured Judy that her relationship with Philip was as much of a success as one could hope.  I think she appreciated my most sincere words.  I truly hope so because they were the last I ever said to my long time friend.  She passed not long after that reunion.

My relationship with Judy was one of those very brief, but very significant ones.  Without her intervention I wouldn’t have my most beloved daughter and grandson.  What an unimaginable loss that would be for me.  I am deeply in Judy’s debt and I will be forever grateful to her.  Love and thanks to you, my dear friend, wherever you are.

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