50th Reunion Survey

Our 50th reunion is over but while it's still fresh on our minds, please take a few minutes to complete a survey that will help us plan our next one!


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1)   * Did you attend our 50th Reunion April 10 and 11?

Yes No
2)   If you did not attend the reunion, what was the main reason?

  It's not my thing
  Conflict in schedule
  I live too far away and no longer have family in the area
  Too expensive
  I haven't kept up with anyone so felt uncomfortable going
  I look so good that I didn't want to make everyone look bad ;>)
3)   Now is your chance to grade (just like in school) this year's reunion, so please select a letter grade.

4)   Were you given enough time and information to make plans to attend the reunion?

Yes No
5)   Did you like the location of the Friday night mixer?

Yes No
6)   Comments about Friday night?

7)   Did you attend the brunch?

Yes No
8)   Comments about the brunch?

9)   If you played golf, do you have any suggestions for improvement (besides the weather)?

10)   Please comment on Saturday night - did you enjoy the food, the music, the program, the location, etc.

11)   Should we extend our time together by having more planned activities? Any suggestions?

12)   What time of year do you prefer for our next reunion?

13)   Other ideas, suggestions, etc.