John Gambino

Profile Updated: May 9, 2012
John Gambino
Residing In: Monahans, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Debbie
Occupation: Retired Teacher/ Concealed Handgun Instructor
Children: Laurin, John David, Daniel, Bao, Bach, Binh, Sarah, Megan.
Military Service: Army  
Yes! Attending Reunion

Living in Monahans for 15 years. Taught Texas History, American History, Citizenship and coached tennis. Retired a year ago and continue to substitute teach from time to time, teach the CONCEALED HANDGUN COURSE and also teach the HUNTER EDUCATION COURSE. Also teach bible classes at "church". Have 5 marvelous GRANDkids. All my children and simply good and godly young people. Took in 3 Vietnamese boys back in 1984. They are the sons of the interpretor attached to my Advisory Team while engaged in "the great war". One works for NSA and the other two have electrical/computer engineering degrees and live in Dallas and Houston.
Laurin has 3 kids and lives in San Antonio.
John David is a firefighter/paramedic and lives around Stephenville.
Daniel took a Masters Degree from ACU and now lives in San Antonio area and works at a custom bicycle shop.
Megan is a Dr. of Audiology and works with Cochlear Implants. Her husband is an aeronautical engineer and works on NASA stuff.
Sarah is a 2nd year Law Student @ TTech. Her husband works for Texas Tech in the math department and is about to complete a masters degree in math.
I am so proud and thankful for my children!

School Story:

I hated high school.
Tolerated college/university.
LOVE TO TEACH Texas History and the Concealed Handgun Course.
I remember missing Jimmy Blair from school a few days. When I saw him walking down the hall I noticed he looked a little different. skin on face was peeled off. EYE BROWS were GONE! Eye Lashes, GONE. I had taught him how to make BLACK POWDER. I had cautioned him about its explosive nature. He put a match to a small quantity, it blew up in his face. He was lucky to still have his sight. And, of course, I remember being on the Frequent Flyer List of being called down to the office, have my butt busted by Mr. Slade. I always intended to apologize to him but never got around to do so before he died.